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Child Safeguarding: Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub


Visit the NCL Child Safeguarding topic page for regional/national information and resources, and for details of the Enfield safeguarding professionals.

The Enfield Children's Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) is a multi-agency service that makes it easier to access early, targeted support when a child, young person or family needs a service that requires a multi-agency response.

MASH aims to promote the safety and welfare of children by providing better access to the information that will help to identify safeguarding risks, underpinning a clearer understanding of need and leading in turn to effective and proportionate interventions and support.

The MASH way of working ensures that children and young people have a better chance of receiving the service that is suitable for them, and that any potential problems are spotted as soon as possible.

Eligibility Criteria


A child at risk is a person aged 17 or younger who is suffering or is at risk of suffering significant harm and requires protection because of:

  • neglect
  • sexual abuse
  • physical abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • female genital mutilation (FGM)
  • honour-based violence
  • radicalisation
  • domestic abuse
  • modern slavery
  • gang involvement
  • criminal activity.

How to Refer

Enfield Children's MASH

If you have immediate child protection concern, phone the Enfield Children’s MASH.

Enfield Emergency Duty Team

To make an urgent referral outside of office hours, call the Emergency Duty Team.

Enfield Children's Portal

To make a referral to the children's MASH, visit the Enfield Children's Portal and fill out the relevant form.

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Review date: Saturday, 22 July 2023