Child Phlebotomy: NMUH

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NMUH provides blood test services for children (<2, 2-16 years) in clinics in the hospital. Blood test services vary depending on a child's age.

NMUH no longer offers a service for fasting blood tests. Paediatric consultants advise this is almost always unnecessary. 

Children’s outpatient blood-test clinic opening times

Monday to Friday, 9am-12pm, 1-4.30pm

Informing your patient/carer about their visit

  • children are seen in NMUH children's outpatient clinic in the hospital's main building, level -1
  • NMUH treats children as a priority in the clinic and sees them as soon as possible.
  • patients arriving after 4.30pm will, unfortunately, not be seen.
  • children should attend the children’s outpatient clinic with a parent or carer.
  • if patients have any issues booking an appointment online, call NMUH on 020 8887 3663/3664. 

How to refer

Children <2 years

To book an appointment, the child’s parent or carer should call ahead Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm
t: 020 8887 3095/3863


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