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The full healthy child programme is being delivered during Covid. Contact from the health visiting service is a blended offer, with face-to-face contacts in the home and in local health and children centres by appointment, as well as video or audio contacts where agreed.

Please note: childhood immunisations continue as normal.

Health visitor information

All families with children 0-5 have access to a Bright Start health visiting team, check which team by contacting the Islington 0-19 team:
t: 020 3316 8008

Health visitors continue to work  face-to-face if service users are happy to been seen at home or in a clinic setting. The team will contact  pregnant women and those families with a new baby or child due any developmental reviews. People can contact the service directly using the health visitor number given in their red book.

A duty line operates between 9am-5pm, or via voicemail:
t: 020 3316 8008

The Bright Start Health Visiting teams work together with all families and the Early Years services to provide information and support facilitating the Bright Start vision, which is to reduce stressors and build resilience in families, so that children will be healthy, happy, safe and active, learning and developing physically, emotionally and socially to their full potential.

Underpinning the work the Bright Start health visitors deliver are four key principles:

  • the search for health needs
  • the stimulation of an awareness of health needs
  • the influence on policies affecting health
  • the facilitation of health-enhancing activities.

These are acheived in a number of ways, primarily by taking a lead on the delivery of the Healthy Child Programme with partners. This takes the form of five mandated visits and further group work.

  1. Antenatal Contact between 28-36 weeks of pregnancy
  2. The New Birth Visit 10-14 days after delivery
  3. The 6-8 week health visitor review
  4. The 12-15 month developmental review
  5. The 24-30 month developmental review
  6. Journey to Parenthood Antenatal programme
  7. Introduction to Solids Workshops
  8. New Parents Group

For more information,  see the link at the bottom of this page.

Bright Start Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding support is provided by the Islington breastfeeding support and infant feeding specialist services (see link at the bottom of this page). Parents or professionals can contact: 
t: 020 3316 8439 (breastfeeding helpline)

Bright Start Family Support

Bright Start Family Support, part of Islington's Early Help services, provides outreach, individual assistance and signposting services for families with under-fives in local neighbourhoods. Working in local children’s centres, family support workers act as a bridge and resource for families who need help with accessing services. They also introduce families to their local children’s centre activities. Bright Start venues are places where parents can meet other parents, support each other, and can make their voice heard by getting involved in designing and reviewing local services.

Services and activities

  • Childcare and early education
  • Stay and play sessions: toys and activities for under fives
  • Child health clinics 
  • Health visiting
  • Parenting programmes
  • Free healthy start vitamins
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Breastfeeding support and infant feeding advice
  • Benefits advice
  • Help with finding work  

Eligibility criteria


  • parents-to-be and parents and carers of children under five

How to refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: Email

  • Family support advice available Monday to Friday, 9am to 12 noon, people may then be referred for a family support assessment if necessary
    t: 020 7527 8376
  • People can find details of activities on the Bright Start timetables of sessions, including booking referral details 
  • People can phone the Family Information Service for details
    t: 020 7527 5959

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