Barnet Child Development Service

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This service provides assessments for children for whom there are significant concerns about their developmental progress and, for younger children, their behaviour.

The aim of the assessment is to help understand the child's abilities, to investigate possible causes of delays or difficulties and to make recommendations on how to support the child and family.

Please access Barnet Local Offer for more resources and links to the services supporting CYP with neurodevelopmental needs and SEND. There you will find further information and referral pathways to:

Eligibility criteria


  • children up to the age of 7 years old, where there is concern about their neuro-developmental progress
  • older children with conditions of complex disability
  • older children who present with unexplained learning disability (we will exclude medical causes of learning disability, but we are not able to provide detailed cognitive assessments; this would be the remit of an education psychologist)
  • children who require a medical assessment as part of their education, health and care needs assessment.
  • All children MUST have a Barnet based GP


  • We do not offer assessment for ADHD per se. In children below 5yrs with these concerns, we may offer an assessment to look at the possibility of a developmental delay or learning disability (not to diagnose ADHD), but if a child is reported to have age-appropriate development and no obvious cognitive delay, then:
    • below 5yrs: parents  should be signposted to relevant  parenting support course via links on the Barnet Local Offer website
    • above 5yrs: referrals should be issued to local CAMHS (you may wish to include the link to the leaflet of their newly launched ADHD assessment service–see Downloads)
  • children for assessment of Autism or ASD if they are 7yrs or older. These referrals would need to be directed to CAMHS
  • children if their GP is not in Barnet, even if they reside in Barnet or attend a Barnet school, for reasons mentioned above

How to refer

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Referral methods: Email

Complete the referral form and send by email. 

Please make sure to fully complete the front sheet. Gaps will result in delays in processing, or rejection.


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