Evidence Based Interventions and Clinical Standards (EBICS)

NCL Wide

Evidence Based Interventions and Clinical Standards (EBICS, formerly PoLCE) is the policy process for patients needing a procedure where certain criteria or a threshold must be met before funding is approved. See Useful Resources for the EBICS policy document to refer to.

Feedback on the NCL EBICS policy can be made by filling in the NCL EBICS feedback form (see Useful resources) and sending it to nelcsu.hpsu@nhs.net

If a clinician wants to apply for an intervention that is not currently within EBICS, or the application is made on clinical exceptionality or rarity, an application should then be made by an Individual Funding Request (IFR).

How to refer in relation to EBICS criteria

Depending on your borough, the process is slightly different. See below for the processes required when referring a patient using the EBICS criteria.


e: barnet-routine.referrals@nhs.net

No additional form is required, simply state the indicated EBICS criteria in your referral letter.


e: polce.camden@nhs.net

CAM Global Documents > EBICS Email Application Form Camden & Islington


e: polce.enfield@nhs.net

ENF Global Documents > PoLCE > PoLCE Application Form


e: harccg.haringeypolcetriageservice@nhs.net

HAR Global Documents > EBICS - EBICS Application Form > Haringey


e: ebics.islington@nhs.net

ISL Global Documents > EBICS > EBICS Email Application Form Camden & Islington

The Camden, Haringey and Islington forms can also be found on this page as downloads.

Review date: Friday, 18 August 2023