e-Referrals Service (e-RS)

NCL Wide

For Camden, Haringey and Islington practices, referral letters to RSS are sent via e-RS. For Barnet and Enfield practices, referral letters to RSS are sent via email (not e-RS).

The NHS e-Referrals Service (e-RS) combines electronic booking with a choice of place, date and time for first hospital or clinic appointments.

eRS contacts

e-RS technical support t: 020 3182 1774

To chase the outcome of an e-RS request, see Hospital contacts for chasing e-RS issues.

When submitting e-RS referrals directly:

  • select the referral priority ‘Routine’ (if urgent see Urgent e-RS referrals)
  • click ‘Search all’ to find and select the hospital service you are looking for
  • select ‘Appointment search’ to bring up appointments to book.

There will be two scenarios you could encounter when trying to book an e-RS appointment:

  • you are able to see available appointment dates and times to book into
  • 'Defer to provider' shows if no appointments are available.

Paper Switch Off (PSO)

PSO is the requirement for all GP referrals to consultant-led first outpatient clinic appointments to be made via e-RS (they are no longer accepted by other routes e.g. direct letter or email). This does not include diagnostics, mental health, maternity and local exclusions (for the full list, see Specialities which bypass RSS).

Advice and Guidance

eRS Advice and Guidance offers clinicians the ability to get a prompt response from local hospital specialists about management advice of a patient, often saving the need for a referral.

Review date: Saturday, 19 August 2023