Barnet MRI referrals

NCL Wide

MRI referrals by Barnet practices need to be submitted via Barnet RSS.

Referral criteria

  • Brain MRI: May be considered as part of the routine evaluation of adults presenting with apparent unprovoked first seizures, or in patients with chronic (eight weeks) headache where an intracranial cause is suspected or patient reassurance is needed.
  • Lumbar spine: Only if sciatica symptoms present for > six weeks and have failed to improve with conservative management.
  • Cervical spine: Only if neck pain with radiation (brachialgia) presents for > six weeks, not settling with self-management.
  • Thoracic spine: Only appropriate with radicular radiation.

Areas where Barnet GPs do not need to request an MRI

  • Knees: Refer to MSK who will do an MRI if required.
  • Morton's neuroma: MRI not clinically appropriate, ultrasound is indicated instead.
  • Shoulder: If instability suspected, refer to MSK who will do an MRI if appropriate.
  • Brain: For suspected tumours refer as 2WW referral.
  • IAMS: Refer to ENT who will request if appropriate.
  • Foot/ankle: MRI is not clinically indicated.

Barnet MRI/open MRI EMIS forms

  • EMIS Bar Global Documents > Diagnostics > MRI Referral Form - Barnet- InHealth
  • EMIS Bar Global Documents > Diagnostics > MRI Referral Form Open MRI - NCL (BARNET) - InHealth

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Review date: Saturday, 19 August 2023