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RFL update: Changes to pathology request form from 28 November

NCL Wide

From Monday 28 November, the tQuest form used to request pathology tests from Royal Free Hospital is being changed. 

The new form, which will provide clearer information for patients, will need to be printed for blood tests performed within GP practices and requests that are not blood test related.

If your patient attends the following sites for their blood test, you do not need to print the form as it can be done by the phlebotomy clinic: 

  • Barnet Hospital
  • Chase Farm Hospital
  • Edgware Community Hospital
  • Royal Free Hospital.

If your patient requires a mix of blood and non-blood tests, you will still need to print the request forms. 

Health Services Laboratories (HSL) has sent two boxes of the new A4 tQuest paper to each GP practice. You can order more paper from the Pathology Forms website

The process of loading the paper into the tray on your printer will remain the same. The print settings needed to align the labels as shown below:

  • Paper orientation: Portrait
  • Paper size: A4
  • Left margin (millimetres): 5
  • Top margin (millimetres): 5
  • Right margin (millimetres): 5
  • Bottom margin (millimetres): 5
  • Use ScriptX printing: Yes

Margins may vary depending on the make and model of your printer. 

These changes will be implemented for samples sent to Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital in the new year. Royal Free London (RFL) will provide further information about this closer to the time. 

These changes are being made across NCL and are already in place at North Middlesex University Hospital (NMUH). 

If you have not received your new stationary, or if you have any questions, contact Nilesh Khimani, HSL Project Manager, or Noshin Khaja, NCL ICB Programme Manager via email.

Noshin Khaja

Expiry date: Tuesday, 24 January 2023