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Notice of scheduled NCL GP Website database maintenance

NCL Wide

As part of mitigations being put in place to improve the security of the NCL GP Website, the website team is introducing a regular user database maintenance routine. The maintenance is scheduled to begin on Tuesday 7 February 2023.

When you are emailed, you will need to take action to maintain your access to the NCL GP Website and to continue to receive the NCL GP Weekly Bulletin email.

  • Starting on 7 February, we will send a warning email to every account that has not been active for one year. 
  • Users will have seven days to confirm their account. 
  • Accounts that are not confirmed will be deleted after seven days.

Please be aware that you are sent the NCL GP Weekly Bulletin email because you have a valid NCL GP Website account. 

If your account is deleted you will no longer be sent the weekly email, so when you receive your warning email please respond within the seven days.

Users (with NHS or GOV.UK email addresses) can self-register for a website account at any time from the homepage of NCL GP Website.

NCL GP Website Homepage

w: https://gps.northcentrallondon.icb.nhs.uk/
Expiry date: Friday, 31 March 2023