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Clinicians' input sought for diabetes lifestyle pilot

NCL Wide

NCL ICB is offering the opportunity to get involved in a diabetes lifestyle pilot, with the business case currently under development. This would involve patients recently diagnosed or living with type 2 diabetes using technology to either reduce/avoid medication burden. To motivate patients to make better dietary choices, they would be given continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors* over the course of the four-week duration of the pilot, to better understand how their diet affects their blood glucose and health outcomes. 

The CGM sensors would be fitted by clinicians within the practice setting and will not be intended for continuous prescribing after the pilot ends. The aim is to educate patients over the four-week period what food choices are better tolerated to optimally manage their condition and achieve the best health outcomes. 

NCL is looking for primary care clinicians with a specialist interest in diabetes would like to get involved. For this pilot, NCL is looking for four sites to build up skills. If the pilot is successful, it will be rolled out further across NCL. Pilot slots may be taken up quickly, so please express your interest early. There is a slight possibility that the pilot will be funded for clinician time involvement. 

*Note that for this pilot, CGM sensors would NOT be prescribed but rather be provided by participating companies free of charge. 

For more information on how to take part in the programme, contact Salma Jalil.

Salma Jalil, Prescribing Advisor, Haringey MMT

Expiry date: Sunday, 18 December 2022