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Changes to routine adult dermatology referrals

NCL Wide

Tele-dermatology will become the pathway for all eligible routine adult dermatology referrals from 24 October. All referrals for lesions must have dermoscopic images attached, and all images should be attached separately and not embedded within the referral document.

Routine dermatology referrals passing through the NCL Referral Support Services (RSS) will be reviewed according to the Telederm pathway and exclusion criteria. Referrals which are eligible for Telederm will be reflected back to the GPs to refer via Telederm or via Consultant Connect (CC) as appropriate.

The exclusion criteria has been revised to reflect feedback from the implementation so far.

Soft launch commencing 26 September:

Telederm appropriate referrals will be processed and booked onto clinics with a message back to the GP practice reminding clinicians in future to send these via Telederm/CC.

Hard launch commencing 24 October:

Telederm appropriate referrals will be sent back to clinicians asking them to send via Telederm/CC with NO appointment being made by the RSS.



Expiry date: Sunday, 20 November 2022