Childhood Immunisations Webinar: Finances

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1pm, Thursday 29 September 2022

Practice Management

Childhood Immunisations Webinar: Finances

Childhood Immunisations Webinar: Finances

This webinar will focus on finances relating to Childhood Immunisations. Practice staff will be provided with an overview of the immunisation contracts, targets and payments to help synthesise information into easily digestible information. 

It will entail a discussion of:

  • The GMS contract
  • Item of service payments
  • QOF and 
  • Impact and Investment Fund (IIF).

This session forms part of a series of upcoming webinars related to Childhood Immunisations, which will be taking place from September 2022 to early 2023.

A follow-up Q&A session will take place from 1-2pm on Thursday 29 September. 

For more details, contact Tamzin Jamieson ( and/or Daniel Subel (