Smartcard Registration Authority Service

NCL Wide

An NHS smartcard enables you to access e-Referral (Choose and Book) and other parts of the NHS Care Records Service, as well as allowing you to electronically sign prescriptions (active role base clinicians only).

You can take your Smartcard with you from job to job. You will only have one smartcard, even if you work for more than one NHS organisation or if you have more than one position in your organisation.

Looking after your smartcard

  • keep it safe and secure
  • never tell anyone your passcode
  • never allow anyone else to use it
  • never leave it unattended.

Forgotten your smartcard pin or locked yourself out?

The RA admin person within your practice may be able to reset this for you by accessing 'Launch Care identity Service' via this ncrs portal link 


t: 020 4506 6006


Immediately report any loss, theft or damage to your smartcard to your sponsor or registration manager (details above).

Review date: Saturday, 20 May 2023