Online registration

NCL Wide

The online registration tool for patients, which has recently been trialled in Enfield and Islington, is now available for all GP practices in NCL.

The tool enables patients to register with their nearest and/or preferred GP practice online, saving practice time and improving patient access to primary care.

Sign up for online registration

To register your practice for online registration, you must send a workflow email address to 

Once the address is confirmed you, can visit the NHS website, where the MOU and practice mapping will be completed automatically.

You will then get access to your own dashboard to control and monitor the tool (including a switch off if required).

After registering the practice, you will need to place a link to the tool on your practice website. can provide a special link that puts the practice at the top of the search results when linked to from the practice website.

You should then promote and use the tool where appropriate alongside the conventional registration paper-based process. 

Support is available from Redmoor Health via email to for any practices who want additional support.

Review date: Saturday, 20 May 2023