Office 365 preliminary rollout

NCL Wide

NCL CCG has asked NEL CSU to attend practices and upgrade desktops with the latest version of Microsoft Office (Office 365). This is because the version many practices are currently using will soon be out of warranty.

As part of this upgrade, NEL CSU will also address the issues a number of practices are experiencing with the lack of disk space on their desktops.

The team will clear old and unnecessary data from practice devices and remove temporary files and unused old profiles.

Someone from NEL CSU will be in contact to agree a suitable time for the practice. 

With Office 365 being cloud based, this will provide additional benefits for users. 

Automated updates/patching enables users to create, collaborate and communicate seamlessly, helping your practice to become more efficient. 

Once installed, you will be able to access files anywhere and use Office 365 on any device. This is perfect for users that need to split their time between different practices.

Prior to the update, an engineer will be sent to sites to conduct an audit of devices.

They will need access to all devices for around ten minutes per device. They will also discuss any specialist software in use at the practice and any users who have left or that no longer require access. They will also show practice managers how to use the new online archive feature in NHSmail.

NEL CSU will call practices to arrange a suitable convenient time for this appointment and follow up with an email invite. The team understands how practices are and will try to be as undisruptive as possible when on site.

Following the audits, NEL CSU will roll out the new version of Office 365 to all devices at your practice. 

Prior to the Office upgrade, a second appointment will be scheduled with you to agree a rollout date. On the day of the rollout, further engineers will be on site to fix any issues and ensure everything is up and running correctly.

Engineers will obtain sign-off from the practice manager prior to leaving site. They will stay on site until all issues relating to this upgrade are fixed.

NEL CSU does not anticipate many issues arising, but also wants to ensure that if any do, they can be corrected immediately so as to cause minimal disruption to your practice.

  • The audit is purely fact-finding; it is not the actual upgrade.
  • The engineer will be checking that the information available in the NEL CSU database on your desktops is correct.
  • The engineer will generally not need hands-on access to the PCs, they will just need to log which room needs to be accessed. This can take the form of an accompanied tour of the site. The team understands that consultation rooms may be harder to access and may require long waits.
  • If the engineer finds any device which is not in the current audit database, an additional ten minutes will be required to capture some data on it.
  • The engineer will have a 30-minute chat with the practice manager regarding current users, benefits of the upgrade, next steps, and to answer any questions.

Review date: Saturday, 20 May 2023