NCL Wide

All NCL GP practices are activated with SNOMED clinical terms (this replaced the old Read code clinical terms)

This page contains useful information and resources to help you navigate the programme.

EMIS Now has created coding assistance articles to help practices use the system effectively. The resources focus on:

  • searches
  • concepts
  • template and protocol triggers
  • templates (including library item templates, using Code Browser and Last Coded Entry hierarchy components only)
  • document templates
  • care record filters.

NHS Digital Read v2 to SNOMED CT mapping lookup table

This NHS Digital database holds the SNOMED CT maps accurate as of April 2020. You can use a v2 ReadCode, TermCode or Term30 search string to find the mapped SNOMED CT codes and term.

Requesting greyed-out SNOMED CT codes

Now that your practice is SNOMED CT enabled, you will see unselectable SNOMED CT codes that are greyed out in the code picker and were not previously available in Read.

You can request a SNOMED CT code to be considered for inclusion in the SNOMED CT EMIS Subset, and it will then become selectable in the code picker to be added to patient records.

Find out how to request SNOMED CT codes on the EMIS Now website.

NHS Digital national codes

You can request changes to SNOMED CT codes in the UK through the NHS Digital Request submission portal.

Review date: Saturday, 20 May 2023