NCL Wide

tQuest is an order system linked through EMIS web and is configured with a common NCL-wide test catalogue.

Pathology orders made through tQuest are sent electronically to the lab, which reduces manual data entry to improve patient safety.

Review is a results look-up system linked to tQuest, which allows GPs to view patient results from GP and hospital visits.

The margins specified in the printer configuration documentation may need to be adjusted for requests to different hospitals.

Camden practices

In Camden, you should be able to make pathology requests from either RFH or UCLH.

If you require any help with accessing either tQuest or Review, please contact the GP IT Helpdesk.

Please note: The number provided is not a national service and only provides support for Camden users.

Barnet, Enfield, Haringey and Islington practices

From these boroughs, you should be able to make pathology requests from Barnet Hospital, RFH and/or UCLH.

If you require any help with accessing either system, please reach out to your relevant contact on the GP IT London Shared Services (LSS) page.

Barnet Hospital and RFH
e: helpdesk@tdlpathology.com (provided by Health Services Laboratories) 

Additional support via RFH Pathology IT Department 
t: 020 8216 4642
e: RF.barnetgpresults@nhs.net

UCLH Pathology Helpdesk (email preferred method)
t: 020 3447 4455
e: uclh.enquiry.path.e@nhs.net

Results queries

You can contact the Laboratory IT Helpdesk about any result queries. Please provide the name of the GP practice and user name/EMIS Web user login.

e:  helpdesk@tdlpathology.com

Please complete a new user tQuest form (see sidebar) and provide the following infomation listed below:

  • full name and position
  • surgery name (or EMIS organisational ID) 
  • new user's EMIS login
  • level of access required (eg basic role/GP higher)
  • GMC/RCN/GPhC number, if applicable.

Review date: Saturday, 20 May 2023