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Docman is a workflow software for advanced electronic document management. The Docman Help Centre (see Useful resources) contains training and video guides for full Docman GP support.

Contact details

Docman Help Desk t: 033 0303 1199 (Monday to Sunday, 6.30am-8.30pm, including Bank Holidays)

The online self-service portal allows you to log issues without calling the Help Desk.

Patient visibility functionality (Docman 10)

New features have been added to Docman to allow more control of document visibility to patients via Patient Facing Services (PFS). This is in preparation for the upcoming changes to patient access to online GP records.

See the Docman user guide in Useful resources and follow the enclosed steps to understand how to use the new features in Docman 10.

There has been an NCL-wide upgrade of Docman to enable the new features; if you do not think your software has been updated, contact GP IT.

Making annotations in Docman, including redactions and erasures

  • If a user makes an annotation to a document prior to filing to the clinical system, the annotation will be attached to the document and be classed as the original.
  • Any subsequent annotations that are made in tasks or updates to documents post-filing will not be sent to the clinical system as there is no ability to update EMIS with the latest version.
  • All versions of the document are available within Docman.

Making the decision on visibility to patients

  • When a document requires no further review (workflow/tasks) and is just being filed to the patient record, the filing user will need to make the decision on visibility.
  • If the filing user is not sure on patient visibility, they will need to seek guidance or send this on as a task.
  • With any documents that are sent on for review, the decision on visibility lies with the task recipient.
  • If no decision is made the default is set to visible.

Review date: Saturday, 24 June 2023