Digital Journey Planner

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To help practices use technology to improve health outcomes, Redmoor Health and the NHS have developed the Digital Journey Planner. 

This free tool provides coaching and support to help your practice assess its current use of technology, solve issues, discover new opportunities and ultimately set a clear path to help you and your patients make the most of digital healthcare. 

The tool uses three criteria to support practices: 

  • baseline: capture where you currently are on your digital journey
  • learn: identify key building blocks for good practice
  • improve: submit a self-assessment and receive a bespoke implementation plan showing your current progress with a roadmap to improve your use of technology.

A three-minute video is available to explain the Digital Journey Planner (see right). 

To create your account, visit NHS Digital Journey Planner and find out more by visiting Redmoor Health.

To arrange a demonstration, please contact Redmoor Health.
t: 016 1672 9778

Review date: Saturday, 20 May 2023