Digital support for practices

NCL Wide

Redmoor Health has been commissioned by the Digital First programme and is working in partnership with NCL Training Hub to increase staff confidence and uptake of digital solutions to support practices with digital/operational challenges.

The purpose is to encourage and support staff across general practice in adopting and embedding online services into their daily workflow. 

Redmoor Health specialises in supporting staff across health and social care to deploy technology to manage demand, support the workforce and help patients manage their health.

The team of experienced health professionals works alongside commissioners, general practice staff, IT and software professionals and community partners to ensure maximum benefits are delivered from any solution.

See Useful resources for some case studies of Redmoor Health's work in NCL.

NHS England’s (NHSE) Primary Care Group has developed a guide for improving general practice websites. It gives practical steps to ensure websites have patients' needs in mind.

The guide includes four key sections:

  • getting ready
  • if you’re using a tender process
  • designing a highly usable GP website
  • contractual requirements of a GP website.

The guide can be found on the NHSE website or as a downloadable PDF in Useful resources.

Reach out to Redmoor Health if you require support with reviewing and implementing the guidance.

If any GP practice would like a manual website review, Redmoor Health is now including a manual website audit as part of its website one-to-ones, as well as checking against the Healthwatch criteria.

This will help ensure your website is fully compliant and operating in a way that is most effective in engaging patients to help them with their healthcare needs.

If you wish for an audit to be carried out, contact

See Useful resources for a case study of Redmoor Health’s social media work in NCL.

Changes to NCL's enhanced access provision came into effect on 1 October 2022, resulting in borough Primary Care Networks (PCNs) becoming responsible for providing the majority of weekday evening and weekend appointments for NCL residents.

It is important that all practices are sharing the most up-to-date information about the local offer with patients, including on websites.

See the useful resources section for guidance on updating practice websites with the correct service information.

Please ensure this is completed for your practice as soon as possible, if you haven’t already done so.

Most people regularly use social media to access and share information; these channels can be an effective way for general practice to communicate with patients. Redmoor Health is offering practices support to create new or enhance existing social media pages.

The support includes: 

  • access to the Redmoor Health Support Centre for queries (see details below)
  • one-to-one refresher training and advice on how to manage patient communications
  • scheduled pre-agreed posts directing patients to support and advice (a mixture of national campaigns and bespoke co-created posts)
  • creation of regular campaigns in video, animation and image formats 
  • support with moderation of pages to reduce the pressure on practice teams
  • performance reporting to show the impact of the posts and patient reach
  • access to quarterly refresher webinars
  • help removing unofficial social media pages.

For more information about the social media managed service, and to view resources and recordings from previous social media education sessions, visit the dedicated page on the Redmoor website.

See Useful resources for a case study of Redmoor Health’s social media work in NCL.

Redmoor Health has a support centre for any digital/operational queries and one-to-one coaching sessions that practice teams require.

The support centre is available Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm.

All one-to-one training requirements reported through the support centre will be delivered by the training team. A range of topics covered by the support centre include:

  • digital/operational practice support from a team with practice management and clinical systems backgrounds
  • one-to-one tailored coaching and mentoring
  • use of the Digital Journey Planner webtool to support practice digital maturity
  • tactical support during Covid-19
  • patient communications support
  • video consultation coaching and support
  • MS Teams coaching and support.

The support centre can be accessed via email or telephone.

t: 016 1672 9778

If you have any questions or comments about Redmoor Health’s support centre, contact

Review date: Thursday, 18 January 2024