Digital inclusion

NCL Wide

Digital inclusion is an important concept that underpins the Digital First programme.

Using digital tools to access services should expand patient choice when seeking care and ultimately improve overall health outcomes.

Access, skills, confidence and motivation are known barriers that prevent groups of patients from using these digital tools. The Digital First team is actively working to reduce these barriers where possible, ensuring all digital initiatives delivered through the programme are designed with a digital inclusive lens.

Raising awareness and upskilling healthcare staff is another important aspect of the Digital First programme, as it ensures staff have the skills and knowledge to recommend digital services and products to patients and service users. 

How NCL aims to reduce digital exclusion

The Digital First team are engaged across NCL with primary care teams, local authorities and organisations that are already embedded within communities and that focus on hard to reach groups.

Partnering with, supporting, and leveraging resources already available to established organisations is vital to mitigate digital exclusion and ensure digital health services can equitably improve patient outcomes and quality of care for all.

Review date: Saturday, 20 May 2023