Demand and capacity pilots

NCL Wide

Demand and capacity relates to the data quality and analysis surrounding the requirements of resources and workforce across practices in NCL.

The demand and capacity workstream aims to provide the tools and methods to primary care clinicians to accurately report on in-practice demand, helping to aid delivery planning on an ICS, regional, or even national level.

In order for reporting to be efficient and effective, the initial data entry must be better formatted.

How demand and capacity work impacts practices

The aim is to provide an EMIS-embedded protocol to all primary care practices in NCL, which will be used for creating referrals for patients.

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will also be produced, showing how to use the protocol, as well as other guidance to be implemented within practices, such as direction for coding Consultation Modes.

How to incorporate demand and capacity into practice processes

Engaging with the Best Practice Guide and training regarding the protocol will allow for a seamless transition to this move towards better data quality.

The Digital First team are hoping to engage with Digital Champions once the protocol has been distributed amongst practices, who can be used for help and guidance where needed.

Review date: Saturday, 20 May 2023