EMIS templates and codes

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Under Review — this page was due to be reviewed by Wednesday, 01 February 2023. The information shown here may be outdated.

EMIS codes

All patients onboarded to Covid-19 Oximetry@Home pathway should be coded as:

  • 1325191000000108 Telehealth pulse oximetry monitoring started when starting Oximetry@Home
  • 1325201000000105 Telehealth pulse oximetry monitoring ended when ending Oximetry@home 
  • search Tele and Pulse for both

Please note the additional code in the Instructions to capture all Covid-19 Oximetry@Home onboarding related activity via telephone document (bottom of page).

EMIS clinical template

The new NCL Covid-19 Oximetry@Home EMIS clinical template has been approved for rollout to NCL practices.

This template is currently being rolled out and should be used whenever you are starting a patient on the Covid-19 Oximetry@Home pathway, or when a patient is stepped down to you from secondary care via the primary care NCL Covid-19 Support Service. It will capture all of the information and codes needed to support you and your colleagues to manage and monitor patients on the pathway.

Using this template will also eliminate the need for manual requests for data about Covid-19 oximetry and support the work towards enabling patients to be flagged to NHS 111 if they should need to call for help out of hours.

Proactive oximetry at home searches

Searches are also now available to help to proactively identify patients who might benefit from being started on the Oximetry@Home pathway. These searches will identify patients that meet the national eligibility criteria for Oximetry@Home (people with Covid-19 symptoms who are extremely clinically vulnerable and on the shielded patients list) within your practice list. These patients should be contacted by the practice and started on the pathway.

Patients who do not meet the national criteria should get a text stating:

We are aware that you have tested positive for Covid-19, if you need any support during your infection please contact the surgery. Please follow the link for advice about keeping safe while isolating at home.

Further information on how to work with these patient groups is available in the process map.

Camden and Enfield practices

Camden practices which have not yet activated their resource publisher sharing agreement with NCL CCG will need to download it from the Overview of IT Tools page of the NCL CCG GP Website (see Tools for Other Services section).

For Enfield practices, the Enfield GP Federation will be sending out the clinical template to upload onto their EMIS system and supporting practices.

Further information

Further information and resources on the Covid-19 Oximetry@Home pathway is available.

For more information on the template, please contact your local GP IT support or GP Federation as appropriate.


Download • PDF, 448.42 KB

Instructions to capture all Covid-19 Oximetry@Home onboarding related activity via telephone

Review date: Wednesday, 01 February 2023