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Covid-19 Oximetry@Home: Resources for Practices

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Under Review — this page was due to be reviewed by Wednesday, 01 February 2023. The information shown here may be outdated.

The following pathway and resources have been created to support GP practices to manage patients on the Covid-19 Oximetry@Home pathway. These pages are kept up to date with the latest information.

Starting a patient on the pathway

For an overview of the Covid-19 Oximetry@Home pathway, please refer to the process map.

Each practice will also need to keep a record of the patients who are currently on the Covid-19 Oximetry@Home pathway to ensure they are followed up in line with the national specification. The data collection sheet in the downloads will support you to do this by auto-populating the follow-up dates for each patient on the pathway.

Download • XLSX, 478.91 KB

Oximetry@Home data collection sheet

Download • PDF, 120.07 KB

Oximetry@Home SOP

Review date: Wednesday, 01 February 2023