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NCL CCG quality alert system

The NCL CCG Quality Alert System (QAS) is a web-based system designed to enable GP practices, clinical and non-clinical staff to raise any quality concerns arising from commissioned services directly with the provider.

It also acts as an early warning system, alerting NCL CCG that providers need to investigate and give assurance of actions/mitigations relating to poor patient experience, poor quality, timeliness or legibility of discharge summaries, issues with appointments/referrals, or poor quality of care (clinical care, nursing and medical).

The provider will respond directly to you in relation to the raised issue.

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Examples of patient safety incidents

Clinical harm and breach reporting process

The clinical harm and breach reporting process across NCL is currently being reviewed to establish some principles for providers to work towards when undertaking clinical harm reviews and completing breach reports.

Further work is planned to co-produce with patients a standardised clinical harm grading system, which is consistent across NCL providers and takes into account patients’ views on how the system can best assess the potential for harm (psychological and physical), and communicate in a sensitive manner with patients.

The aim is to use this tool to disseminate learning from clinical-harm assessments conducted as a result of a delay in access to cancer treatment, and ultimately to prevent future harm.

Review date: Tuesday, 04 October 2022